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A Homeowner Story: Ms. Waller

 “I didn’t know I could get help from anyone until Rebuilding Together helped me with the ramp” – Ms. Waller

Ms. Waller’s second set of front steps

Ms. Waller’s first set of front steps

Through a partnership with Adventist Healthcare, RTMC was introduced to Ms. Waller, a resident of Gaithersburg and a retired postal service employee of 25 years. During her years of service with the post office, Ms. Waller began to experience hip and knee issues which ultimately led to her retirement and slow health decline. After multiple surgeries and visits to the hospital, the doctors at Adventist realized that Ms. Waller would need help navigating her home, and reached out to RTMC for assistance.

Unfortunately, the front entrance to Ms. Waller’s condo had two flights of steps, making it extremely difficult and dangerous for her to navigate with a walker or cane. She suffered multiple falls and injuries as a result of her mobility restrictions, causing her to repeatedly return to the doctors for additional care. When RTMC did an evaluation of Ms. Waller’s home and discovered that she would benefit from accessibility modifications, they discovered that a ramp to Ms. Waller’s back door would make her home a safer and healthier space for her to reside.

With funding support from Adventist Healthcare and Mobility Solutions, RTMC was able to install a ramp from the back porch of Ms. Waller’s condo to her backyard. The ramp allows Ms. Waller to safely enter and leave her home and make it to the Metro Access bus stop. Navigating her way through the grass and around the building is still difficult with her walker, but it is a much safer alternative than risking the two flights of steps in the front of the building. Ms. Waller is extremely grateful for the team that helped her with this accessibility modification, saying “Mark and Mobility Solutions did a great job, they were out there for hours in the cold putting the ramp together“.

Ramp installation complete!

RTMC completed additional safe and healthy home repairs at Ms. Waller’s condo, installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout the home and supplying her with a fire extinguisher for the kitchen. Ms. Waller is now able to enjoy a safer and healthier home thanks to RTMC, Adventist Healthcare, and Mobility Solutions, but could still benefit from the use of a scooter. If anyone has a scooter they would be willing to donate or knows of someone who would be able to help Ms. Waller obtain one, please contact us.

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