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National Rebuilding Day Homeowner Story

“I knew everything was going to get better, I just had to believe it. Kelley and Lance were great to work with, they did a really good job.” -Mrs. P

National Rebuilding Day was a major success this year with over 15 sponsors working on the homes of 13 Montgomery County homeowners. Volunteers are the lifeblood of National Rebuilding Day, and this year the 400+ participants spent the month of April completing safe and healthy home repairs on our client’s homes. Repairs ranged from accessibility modifications to full bathroom remodels.

Donohoe Construction Company, a long time supporter of RTMC, worked on the home of Mr. and Mrs. P in Silver Spring for their NRD project. Mr. and Mrs. P both suffer from serious medical complications and have found navigating their home to become a challenge over the past few years. Upon meeting the homeowners, the team members from Donohoe knew that they could leverage their relationships with business partners in order to address more of the P’s needs and make their lives safer and healthier. The generous contributions of time and materials allowed Donohoe to tackle a large scope of work and complete the necessary repairs for this aging Silver Spring couple.

RTMC interviewed Kelley Darling from Donohoe’s Corporate Communications department in order to get an insiders view on what National Rebuilding Day means to their organization, their employees, and business partners.

  1. What keeps Donohoe involved with Rebuilding Together Montgomery County and as a sponsor for National Rebuilding Day? 
    1. “RTMC serves as a niche where we happen to have some expertise, so our home sponsorship is a natural fit. We appreciate that RTMC does an excellent job of vetting and assigning homes, providing project guidance and facilitating project support like dumpsters and Montgomery County dump trucks so that we can concentrate on our goal — to restore/improve the access, health and safety of our assigned project for the homeowner.”
  2. As the coordinator for Donohoe, how do you explain National Rebuilding Day to prospective volunteers?
    1. “Donohoe has been involved with RTMC for many years, dating back to when you were called Christmas in April. So, many of our employees are very familiar with NRD and are looking to sign up every April. To the newcomers, we simply explain that it’s the most fun you’ll ever have on the weekend!”
  3. What is your favorite memory of this year’s National Rebuilding Day?
    1. “I’m really touched by all of the people who have contributed to this year’s project. Our subcontractors, who showed up to work many days throughout the month were amazing! Rover from Owl Pest did a thorough job, ultimately ridding the home of mouse and carpenter ant infestations, and he was incredibly kind to our homeowners in the process. Daniel from RV Carey fixed toilets and manned the grill to make everyone had lunch (he washed his hands first!). The ladies from Palm Cleaners were angels who graciously cleaned the home from top to bottom, twice. Lisbeth and her paint crew from Precision Wall painted the entire home and guided our volunteers to get it done correctly. And to top it all off, Donohoe volunteers showed up ready to work on April 28th and 29th – everyone was in full force, willing and proactively painting, digging and scrubbing – they went above and beyond to put the finishing touches on the house. It is just so inspiring to witness so many of our friends and colleagues motivated to come together and help out.”
  4. How does National Rebuilding Day compare to other volunteer events that Donohoe participates in?
    1. “Since we are a commercial real estate company, we are capable of taking on some of the heavier projects vetted by RTMC, and for that reason, NRD tends to be the most intense volunteer event that Donohoe participates in annually. We make the greatest effort to do as much as we can to improve our assigned project and support the family. The value of the scope of work we complete typically comes in the $30,000 range and involves coordinating at least 50 Donohoe employee volunteers in addition to engaging subcontractors to assist with donations and skilled work over a four week period culminating on NRD.”
  5. What do you think your volunteers gained from this experience?
    1. “Our volunteers gain an opportunity to team-build while giving back to the community – and to take ownership and pride in the project they choose to contribute to onsite. During this year’s rebuild, Mrs. P took a moment to let everyone know how much our work is helping she and her husband. It is satisfying to know you’ve made a difference – and that it’s appreciated. At project completion, Donohoe volunteers have shared that they feel they’ve made a positive impact for Mr. and Mrs. P’s family, they’ve made connections with colleagues and that they are motivated to continue to volunteer.”

To view more photo’s from Donohoe’s National Rebuilding Day project, or to check out other groups project’s, please visit our Facebook Page. We hope you will join us for 2019’s National Rebuilding Day!

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