Our Neighbor, Ms. J.


“I’ve been thinking about all of you!”

It was with this kindness and sincerity that Ms. J would always greet our staff on the phone. Ms. J is a true powerhouse of a woman, and we are honored to be able to share her story. She is an immigrant and raised her two children as a single mother in her Silver Spring home, working three jobs to support her family. She is a nurse by trade and takes pride in having always been an incredible advocate for her patients among everything else she balanced in her life. 

Mounting repair issues in Ms. J's home started to take a major toll on her own health, and RTMC stepped in to ensure Ms. J would continue to be able to live safely in her home. We replaced Ms. J’s roof with the help of our partners at PJ’s Roofing and her HVAC system with the help of our partners at Goff Properties, restoring warmth and dryness to her home. VAQ Renovations helped to stop water intrusion into Ms. J’s basement, which previously resulted in inches of standing water on the floor after it rained, by replacing a window well to the basement and digging a drain line away from the well. As she has gotten older, Ms. J’s mobility has also become more limited, and she struggled through numerous falls in her bathroom. Goff Properties installed grab bars in her shower to help reduce her risk of falling and injuring herself in the future.

Thank you to our partners at Donohoe Construction for taking on the final few repairs in Ms. J’s home, working in partnership with Precision Wall Tech and Ruppert Landscape. They replaced and painted a brand-new front door for Ms. J, taking away the old door that had become so slanted it was unable to be opened. They then landscaped her backyard to help prevent water from pooling around the foundation of her home and causing flood damage in the future.

Revitalizing Ms. J’s home was a true labor of love, and we are so grateful for all our partners who came together to ensure Ms. J will continue to be safe and healthy in her home for years to come. Ms. J was so impressed by the professionalism and communication shown throughout the process, and we are grateful to be able to provide such high-quality services to our homeowners.