Our Neighbor, Ms. H.

Ms. H has lived in her home in Gaithersburg for more than 20 years, and home maintenance has become difficult as she has gotten older. During RTMC Rebuilding Day this past September, a group from Gaithersburg Presbyterian Church completed extensive repairs for Ms. H to ensure she would be able to continue living safely in her home. They laid new kitchen flooring so she would no longer have to walk around on the exposed concrete slab and repaired broken lighting to ensure she would be able to move around without fear of falling. They also bought her a new fridge, re-caulked her bathtub, re-secured her sink vanity, cleaned out her gutters, power-washed her deck, and completed yardwork and debris removal.

After Gaithersburg Presbyterian Church's project with Ms. H, she began attending services at their church down the road. Thanks to the dedication of GPC's volunteers, Ms. H is not only safer at home, but has a new connection to her community!