Our Neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. W

Mr. W and his wife live in the home she bought in 1985 when the property was new, and she was young and healthy. When Mr. W met his future wife at work, he knew she was the girl of his dreams. They have had twenty wonderful years together, living in the same house. However, kidney disease and several strokes have severely disabled Mrs. W, to the point where her husband retired a few years early to be able to care for his wife at home.

The reduction in income has made it difficult to deal with emergency repairs, like the ones they have had recently. Last winter the water main to their house developed a leak, necessitating that the water be shut off. RTMC was able to restore water to their house by having their water main replaced. This summer their HVAC system, which functioned poorly last winter, stopped working, meaning that Mrs. W, who is on dialysis three times a week, had to suffer through debilitating heat. To provide an indoor temperature that would ensure Mrs. W’s safety in both summer and winter, RTMC replaced their old HVAC system.

Mr. W, was initially reluctant to apply to RTMC because he has always been able to manage without help. He now says he perceives the generous support provided to them as "God helping him uphold his vow to care for his wife". RTMC feels honored to play a part in the devoted marriage of these two lovely neighbors and their ability to live together in their home of many years.